Stop Card

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When a player plays the red STOP card during the auction, they are reminding all players of the ACBL rule/policy that the next player should wait ten seconds before making their next bid after a jump/skip bid. During that time, that player should at least appear to be considering an action - even if they know that they will PASS when the time ellapses. This is to avoid the appearance of any inpropriety from unauthorized information.  When an opponent plays the Stop Card - best practice is to pretend as though the auction just ended and you are on lead; once you decide on your lead, continue with the auction with a bid or pass.

Players use the stop card when making jump bids to protect themselves from inadvertant but still unauthorized information being shared by the opponents. After a Stop Card has been played for example; an immediate pass communicates that no consideration was needed, while hesitating and THEN passing communicates a consideration of competing - which may well influence how their partner continues with the auction.  By having everyone hesitate - no unauthorized information can be shared.