Played Card

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1.   Defender holds a card so that it is possible that their partner could see it.
2.   Declarer holds a card so that it is face up or that it touches the table.

A card in Dummy is played when Declarer calls for it by name, touches it deliberately, or otherwise indicates it as the card they wish to play.    For example; "Run the suit" indicates playing the highest card in the suit followed by the next highest in the sequence.  "Play"  indicates playing the lowest card in the suit.

An Opening lead is made when the card is faced so that their partner could have seen the card.  At a friendly club game, if the card is played face down, it may be changed.  A card should not be changed after asking, "any questions partner?" - without permission of the Director.

If a card was played face down, and it wasnt that players lead.  They may return it to their hand without penalty.

In general, a card is played when it has been detatched from the hand and faced.