Time Limits

Bridge Club of Center City operations are suspended during this National Crisis. We will reopen once we get the green light that it is responsible to do so. Be safe. Stay Connected. Play online.

Bridge is a timed event.  In order for score comparisons to be fair and meaningful, all players must play their round with the same amount of time.

8 minutes is allotted for each board to be bid, played and scored.  Failing to do so delays the entire game and creates an uneven playing field.  It is the responsibility of both partnerships to keep pace with the round. Should one difficult board require more time, the remaining boards should be played with that much more haste.

Starting to bid a board with less than 6 minutes remaining in the round is a violation of club policy and is actionable.  Not playing board will be scored as NP (no play) - which means that the missed board will not factor into your perfomance in any way.  Players will be given an opportunity for one Late-Play; meaning that the board will be played at the end of the session and will be counted in full if both pairs agree. Otherwise, the Director will assign appropriate adjustments and/or penalties.

Some tips to speed the bidding and play:

  • Count your cards, face down on the table, before you begin to bid.
  • Avoid Post-Mordem discussions of the hand - bidding, play or result.
  • Score Travelers first, before personal scorecards.
  • Make the opening leads before updating your personal scorecard.
  • Lay down the dummy immediately after the opening lead - quickly and neatly.
  • Declarers should take 20 seconds to plan their play.
  • Declarers should claim ASAP when they know the outcome of the hand.
  • Leave your table when you are done with the round - even if the next table isn’t ready yet - let those following you get started as soon as they are ready.