North-South Duties

Bridge Club of Center City operations are suspended during this National Crisis. We will reopen once we get the green light that it is responsible to do so. Be safe. Stay Connected. Play online.

Keep score. Manage your table.  Watch the clock.

Before you begin play, make sure you are playing the correct pair, with the correct boards arranged in the proper direction.  Please only have one active board on the table at a time.  Count your cards before and after each hand.

Score your traveler completely and thoroughly. Fill in your pair number, enter your opponents pair number, the contract, the result and the positive score whether for N/S or E/W. Have an opponent verrify the correct score was entered. Make certain that the traveler matches the board that it is in.  Pass the board to a sidetable convenient to the next table the boards are to be played.

Do not begin to bid a hand with less than 6 minutes displayed on the clock without permission of the Director.  Doing so and causing delay will result in an adjusted score of zero for both pairs.

Direct moving pairs to their next table or a hospitality area when you have completed your round. Please remind players to return bidding boxes to the table if they moved them, to take their belongings, to dispose of their trash and to push their chair back to keep the aisles clear.

If you have any questions or difficulty, please ask your Director for assistance.