Partnership Policy

Bridge Club of Center City operations are suspended during this National Crisis. We will reopen once we get the green light that it is responsible to do so. Be safe. Stay Connected. Play online.

Partners guaranteed for new players (with proper notice).

Bridge is a partnership game. And long term goals for bridge players are to find and sustain excellent partnerships. But lack of partner should never deter a new player from joining us at our club. We’re eager to welcome you and introduce you to our community. Soon enough you’ll be exchanging contact information with future partners and making arrangements to play.

We guarantee partners for new players to our club. The aim here is to remove barriers keeping new players from experiencing our bridge community. We’re happy to find a fun and friendly partner for you while you get to know the people at our club.

Of course regular players, on occasion, find they have an afternoon or evening free and drop by the club to see if they can find a fun pick-up partner for that session - and the vast majority of the time, they can. But while we do our best to accommodate regulars who walk-in without a partner – we cannot guarantee it as we do with our newer players. We ask that all players give us 2 hours notice and that they make their request the same day they wish to play.

It is a matter of club policy that players who request us to find them a partner comport themselves well. You are expected to be extremely courteous, friendly, and supportive of your pick-up-partner – regardless of their level, ability or play. Any criticism at all is inappropriate behavior. Unsolicited teaching is also inappropriate. We pride ourselves on the great time Walk-ins have playing bridge at our club. Pick-ups often have such a positive experience with their impromptu partners that they exchange contact information and make arrangements to play again in the future.

Players who expect partnership levels of play should arrange for their own partners in advance. Our Directors will be happy recommend several people who might be a good match and tell you how to contact them.