Q. Can I get a “good” partner if I come in alone?

A. Yes. Some of our strongest players help fill in when needed. However, if you demand a certain calibre of player – then we suggest that you arrange for your own partner. Walk-ins can expect a very pleasant bridge session with a friendly non-critical bridge partner – and vice versa. Other players and potential partners are evaluating you based on how you conduct yourself at the table and with your partner – not by how you perform in the rankings. Cream rises to the top.

Q. If I’m matched up with a more experienced partner, will I be expected to play the conventions they normally play?

A. No. Walk-ins should cater their systems and conventions to the simplest common denominator. Agree to have fun with the basics and you can discuss adding gadgets for future sessions.

Q. Do you offer lessons?

A. Yes. Every Thursday night at 6:30 pm we offer lessons and supervised play. All levels are welcome – from absolute beginners to advanced players looking to improve their game. It’s an amazing environment for learning, a great way to hone your knowledge and develop your bridge acumen. Thursday  nights are great ways to find and develop new partnerships, and an excellent way to get to know our club. We can also arrange private lessons if you prefer.

Q. Am I good enough to play in a regular game?

A. The only threshold that needs to be met to play in a regular game is the capability to play at the pace of the game. We play 24 boards over the course of a session which translates to 7.5 minutes per board. Keeping pace and maintaining the flow of the movement delineates when people are ready - novices to experts all play in regular games - we stratify results. No one will comment or criticize or teach. We pride our club on being supportive, friendly and fun. Again, our lesson games Wednesday nights are great ways to test the waters.

Q. Where can I park?

A. Expert Parking offers valet service right in our building. From 17th Street, cross Walnut and turn left onto Chancellor – Expert Parking is the first lot on your LEFT. Pull into our building, a valet will give you a ticket for your car, and walk right into our lobby without stepping foot outside. We’ll validate your ticket so you will receive a discounted rate with Expert Parking - $11.00 days/$7.00 evenings.

There is also street parking available – we believe Demeter is the goddes of street parking so tithe accordingly.

Q. Will someone call the Director on me?

A. Our Directors are there to ensure that the game runs smoothly and that fairness and decorum are maintained. When anything unusual happens – during the bidding or play – the director should be called to restore equity or inform the players of their rights in the given situation. Having the director called on you is not an accusation of wrong doing – it’s the appropriate response to alert the director of an unusual occurrence.

Q. What are the Thursday Night Lessons like?

A. Every Thursday night at 6:30pm (most arrive by 6:15p to chat and enjoy snacks) we have a lesson game at the club. It’s a great way to learn about our club, the amazing people here and the greatest game of all – Bridge!