Claims and Concessions

Laws 68-71

Claims and concessions are a normal part of bridge, Bridge Directors should not and our Directors do not discourage players to make claims.

1. With still a number of tricks (n) to play when a player claims some tricks he concedes the remainder. So the tricks claimed plus the tricks conceded together are the tricks still to be played. (as a consequence: when the word claim is used usually the concession is meant as well).

Stop Card

When a player plays the red STOP card during the auction, they are reminding all players of the ACBL rule/policy that the next player should wait ten seconds before making their next bid after a jump/skip bid. During that time, that player should at least appear to be considering an action - even if they know that they will PASS when the time ellapses.

Alert Procedures

We expect our players to follow not only the letter of the ACBL alert procedures, but also the spirit. Our players will follow a policy of full disclosure when they have particular agreements with their partner that provide extra information or insight that opponents are entitled to - whether the ACBL says a bid is alertable or not. At the Bridge Club of Center City, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of full disclosure.

Pass Card

Grabbing the Pass Card is considered playing the pass card, even if you never pull it from the box. The aim here is to avoid unauthorized information from being conveyed - grabbing the pass card, but then bidding would influence partner since they know you were considering passing the last call. To protect yourself, decide on your bid before grabbing your card from the box

Zero Tolerance

The Bridge Club of Center City prides itself on the most enjoyable bridge environment anywhere. To ensure that end, we expect all of our players to conduct themselves as exemplary sportspersons and to treat one another with respect and civility. Our members play for love of the game, for sport and excellent bridge competition. Pettiness, nastiness, or making anyone feel small in any way has no place here at our club - and that is what we have zero tolerance for.

Unsolicited Advice

Our bridge club enjoys a great many friendly players eager to speed the advancement of newer players to the game of Bridge. However, no player should offer tips, suggestions, criticism or lessons unless specifically asked to do so.

Although the intent is to be supportive and helpful - unsolicited advice has the effect of making others feel small. Asking if someone else is a novice or a beginner (or referring to someone as a novice or a beginner) also has this effect and is not to be done at our club. We let players play and improve at their own pace.

Played Card

1.   Defender holds a card so that it is possible that their partner could see it.
2.   Declarer holds a card so that it is face up or that it touches the table.

A card in Dummy is played when Declarer calls for it by name, touches it deliberately, or otherwise indicates it as the card they wish to play.    For example; "Run the suit" indicates playing the highest card in the suit followed by the next highest in the sequence.  "Play"  indicates playing the lowest card in the suit.

North-South Duties

Keep score. Manage your table.  Watch the clock.

Before you begin play, make sure you are playing the correct pair, with the correct boards arranged in the proper direction.  Please only have one active board on the table at a time.  Count your cards before and after each hand.

Time Limits

Bridge is a timed event.  In order for score comparisons to be fair and meaningful, all players must play their round with the same amount of time.

8 minutes is allotted for each board to be bid, played and scored.  Failing to do so delays the entire game and creates an uneven playing field.  It is the responsibility of both partnerships to keep pace. Should one difficult board require more time, the remaining boards should be played with that much more haste.

Q. Do I need to bring a partner?

A. No. We are happy to guarantee a friendly partner for all new players while they get acquainted with our club and community. We ask that all partner requests be made the same day as the game you wish to attend and we do require 2 hours notice before gametime. Just dial 215.732.1148 and leave a message saying that you need a partner for that afternoon or evening and come on in!  We’ll have someone for you by game time.  So all you need to do is request a partner by phone, email or make an online reservation and head to Bridge Club of Center City.